How much do you need to know about types of poker?


There are different types of poker game you can play. In this article we are going to talk about them.  Click here for Poker Online.

Texas Hold’em

We start with the most popular. The rules of Texas Hold’em are not difficult to learn, but perfecting your technique will take a little longer. In this mode, you play with two blinds: the first player to the left must pay the small blind and the second, the big blind. Thus, continuing clockwise, the third party will start playing. The bets will depend on the variety: Pot Limit, No Limit or with Limit. Visit this site for Poker Online.


Omaha High

Also, very popular is the Omaha High mode, especially in its Pot Limit variety. “High” means that the highest hand will be the one that takes the pot. It is played in a very similar way to Texas Hold’em. The small difference is that you do not play two cards in hand or hole cards, but four. Inevitably, this makes a good hand much easier to get hold of, as players have more cards to choose from.


Omaha Hi-Lo

At first glance, there is little to differentiate Omaha Hi-Lo from Omaha High, although in fact it is another form of poker. First of all, its popularity is much lower around the world, although it is still common to see it in popular casinos and tournaments. It is somewhat more complicated to understand its rules, because in this case the players must take into account both the combinations of high and low cards, as its name indicates (“High / Low”, Alto / Bajo in Spanish).


Seven-Card Stud

The Seven-Card Stud variant was once the most popular form of poker, but Texas Hold’em eventually took its place. It is particularly different from the other forms of play that we have described so far. In this case, each player can put some cards face up on the table, while the others will be put face down. This variant also consists of obtaining the best combination of five cards and that makes it relatively easy to play.



Interestingly, in Razz, the main objective is to get the worst possible hand according to the traditional rules of poker. In this case, aces count low and the flush and flush don’t count. On the other hand, the rules are practically the same as for Seven-Card Stud. Although it may not seem like it, it is a very popular modality among the most purist poker players.It is a limited game has greatly helped its popularity, although it is usually played in mixed games and not individually.


2-7 Triple Draw

The 2-7 Triple Draw is one of the easiest modes to learn to play and will be appreciated by those who want a five-card game. The most important thing is knowing how to master what is a straight and a flush. You don’t want to get confused during the game, as they also compete like low hands. A straight is made up of five consecutive cards, while a color is made up of five cards of the same suit. You should also keep in mind that aces count very high.